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What does massage have to do
with your Health? Plenty!

Beaches Therapeutic Massage provides professional, customized and conveniently located therapeutic massage services. Owner and massage therapist Michelle McBride will customize your massage to fit your needs.

Our Testimonials

Testimonials Beaches Therapeutic Massage and Michelle McBride

Heather F

I have been going to Michelle for the past 7 years and she has been phenomenal. She has kept me from having to have two more back surgeries based on her techniques and expertise. Thank you Michelle for all that you have done for me!!​

Testimonial Beaches Therapeutic Massage and Michelle McBride

Kimber GC

Michelle is able to customize the intensity and type of massage to my needs, which can vary from visit to visit. Michelle provides therapeutic massage - the kind that helps you to get better, or relaxation massage, if that is what you need at the time. I am grateful to have found her!

Before finding. Michelle, I used whichever therapist was scheduled that day at the Dr's office, or, the ones at that national chain (that I will leave unnamed). I never really knew what I was going to get and it was rarely what I really needed.

Testimonials Beaches Therapeutic Massage and Michelle McBride

Frank D

Michelle is a gifted massage therapist. She has helped my body heal after an accident and several injuries over the years.

Our work

You may have heard of mind/body, or the mind/body connection. You might also have been wondering what this actually means.

There are two parts to every human being: the physical form and the mental/spiritual form. The physical form is your arms, legs, hair, eyes, etc. The mental/spiritual  form is one of energy and contains your intuition, creativity and imagination, among other inherent traits. These 2 forms are melded together at birth to form a person and a personality. We sometimes call the personality part of ourselves. The Soul. 


The pineal gland, located deep in the brain was once called the ‘third eye’. In ancient traditions, this has represented spiritual awakening, intuition, and clairvoyance. The ancient Greeks even believed the pineal was our connection to thought itself. 

So while we nurture our bodies with food, so we should nurture our soul with things like meditation, nature walks, crafts, or any other activity we enjoy that keeps our mind relaxed and free of self-talk. Nature is nurture for the soul.

Our thoughts create our reality, so it’s also important to practice affirmations. Affirmations are statements of a positive nature that reflect how you want your life to be, and carry with them positive vibrations of energy. An example of an affirmation would be “Others respect me because I respect myself” or “My life is filled with abundance”. I have all the (insert your desire here: money, love, security, health, etc.) I need”.

Crystals and other rocks and gems also have a vibration of energy (like a soul) that carry specific healing qualities. For example, rose quartz, is used for matters of the heart, both physically and emotionally. Amethyst’s qualities are good for stress and anxiety relief, and for mood swings and anger issues, among other things. Selenites qualities help balance the Chakras. Chakras are vibrational energy centers. Please see the Reiki tab for more on Chakras.

The treatment you receive, regardless of modality, also includes, “energy work” helping to Balance, Align, and Renew your spirit and relax your mind. This energy works at the cellular level to reprogram, balance, and heal us from the inside out.h


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Looking for a Licensed Massage Therapist in the Jacksonville Beaches?

Beaches Therapeutic Massage provides professional, customized and conveniently located therapeutic massage services. Owner and massage therapist Michelle McBride will customize your massage to fit your needs.

If you got a new car, you would never consider maintenance to be optional. So why treat your body that way? One way to keep your body running at optimum condition is through massage.

What does massage have to do with your health? Plenty!

Massage therapy can help to improve your overall health, especially when you schedule more regular sessions. By making massage part of your wellness routine, it can help increase energy and refresh your mental attitude. Therapeutic massage assists with promoting emotional balance, relaxation, physical healing, greater performance,  improved mobility, pain relief, detoxification, increased energy, improved circulation and sleeping patterns, stress reduction and increased productivity.

You’ll feel and look better, plus, with more regular sessions you can improve your overall health. 


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Beaches Therapeutic Massage assures you will have a great experience. Our atmosphere is free of tension and our prices are affordable. All clients receive their full massage therapy appointment time and are not rushed out the door. We offer a wide variety of top quality massage therapy services to fit your needs, work with you to determine the best services for your needs and deliver the quality and value you can only get from a trained professional. 

Beaches Therapeutic Massage and Michelle McBride