Facial Sinus Massage

Sinus Massage-Beaches Therapeutic Massage - Michelle McBride

30min $45

Facial sinus massage involves gentle pressure applied with the hands to the skin on the forehead, nose, and cheeks. Sinusitis is the most common chronic illness in the United States with more than 35 million people suffering daily symptoms. Time invested in gentle sinus massage has provided noticeable relief from nasal congestion, facial pain, and headache pain.

Sinus massage combines gentle pressure and warmth from the hands to break up the mucous that backs up in the sinus cavities. The natural drainage mechanism is stimulated to clear the passageways. Blood circulation increases to sustain better sinus function throughout the day. Congestion and pressure decrease so that the headache and pain associated with sinusitis disappears. Many sinus pain sufferers are surprised to find that relief is possible following the first massage.

There are four main sinus cavities in the face. Massage includes focused attention that works through the four major sinus groups in succession. It may also include work on the neck and chest.

  • Frontal Sinuses – This sinus group resides above the eyes. Massage pressure points will extend from a point between the eyebrows and extend into the middle of the brow.
  • Ethmoid sinuses – This group is found between the eyes and above the nose. The bridge of the nose is the massage pressure area for these sinuses. Eyeglass wearers recognize the importance of removing their glasses and relieving sinus pain when the glasses cause irritation of fatigue.
  • Maxillary sinuses – These sinuses rest in the front part of the cheekbones.
  • Sphenoid sinuses – This set of sinuses rests around the upper nasal bone and behind the eyes. Pressure points for massaging this sinus group are on the sides of the head in front of the ears and behind the earlobes.

Your sinus massage can be combined with another modality that focuses on bodywork, in which case the session will be longer than 30min and we may spend part of the session focusing on your sinuses, and the remainder on the rest of your body.